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Projects, Planting and Prayer 

This page highlights our current work, the cities or communities we are focusing on to plant churches, and our future projects we will start as the Lord provides funding and partners. We ask that prayer is lifted up for  our current projects, all the communities we are working in and those that we will start work in the future, and for the project needs.

Current Projects

Pastor and Church Leader Training Institute


In 2017, we began our Bible Training Center for Pastors program to meet the needs of training pastors and church leaders for the work of planting churches along the Ruta Boaco - Siuna. We realized the need for trained pastors and church leaders from the communities we were going to plant new churches in. We needed to train those that were already living in the areas we were going to work in. They already were familiar with the people in the area they lived and they already made their living and supported their families here. They were the ones best suited to lead and do the work of beginning and continuing the work of the new churches along the Ruta Boaco - Siuna. They just needed the training to help them grow in faith and knowledge that comes through learning God's Word. The training had to be available locally and flexible enough to work with the schedule of those supporting families. We found that training was available through an organization named Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP). Florida Baptist Convention had been using it in Haiti to train pastors and leaders from among the same situation in the Haiti as we were needing in Nicaragua. Operation GO Nicaragua Missionaries Debbie and Billy Ray went for Teacher Training in South Florida in early 2017 and established a partnership with BTCP to provide the curriculum. Billy trained an additional six more trainers to teach the curriculum in 2017. The first nine men completed the first course Bible Study and Rules of Interpretation in the summer of 2017 during the first quarterly intensive class. Nine men then completed the longer Old Testament Survey class on December 8, 2017. 

While we had held training classes for T4T and First Aid and Health Care in previous years, 2017 marked the beginning of our organized Pastor and Church Leader Training Institute. 2018 will be a busy year with classes starting back in February. We will hold four quarterly intensive classes and weekly classes for BTCP classes. We will also begin English classes in February at the Rio Blanco Missionary Centre. We hope to add some music and medical classes to the schedule as well.


We need BTCP instructors for our quarterly classes in 2018. Pastors and those with a Bible degree are qualified to teach after completing the Teacher Training class either in the US or at the Rio Blanco Mission Centre. We also can hold classes using the special skills and gifts of those on teams coming to Nicaragua. Music, Medical, Sewing, and many other skills can be taught to church and community members. 

We also need church or individual sponsors for our four Quarterly Intensive Classes in 2018. We also need curriculum sponsors for our students who can't afford the books and use work scholarships. Please pray for our Training Institute classes, students and teachers. Also pray for financial needs of the training as well. If you feel God can use you as an instructor in any of the areas please contact Billy Ray at bray@fbcbushnell.org 

Church Planting


Church planting efforts continue to be a major emphasis for Operation GO Nicaragua. We continue to pray for God to lead us to the places He is working and wants us to go. In October of 2017, weekly services were started in Rio Blanco. While many years of work have been done in Rio Blanco, there were was never a church to send those who accepted Christ or wanted to be part of a Baptist Church there. The construction of the large porch attached to the Casa de Misionero, not only gave us a location for Pastor Training Classes to take place but also gives us a place for Worship Services. So began the Primera Iglesia Bautista de Rio Blanco. Using team members from both International and National partners, we will work to increase attendance at the church in Rio Blanco. While we have our first Rio Blanco Church getting started, we also are praying about other neighborhood locations such as the neighborhood Walter Caleron which is not within walking distance of the Primera Iglesia Bautista.

Preparations are underway to begin weekly services in Muy Muy in early March. Utilizing the student Pastors from our Bible Institute and our Missionaries we plan to send teams of two each week to hold services in Muy Muy. We need our Prayer Warriors to be praying for God to provide a location for the services and for the people who become the Church there as well.


We will also continue to pray for the formation of a Baptist Church in Boaco. Work is under way on a property site for a Baptist Church there on property owned by the Convencion Bautista de Nicaragua and the Baptist Church in ??? has been holding Bible Studies in a nearby neighborhood. In October of 2017, with a team from SummerGrove Baptist Church we were able to attend a service in a front yard that was well attended and we visited the property site as the site was leveled for future construction. We will continue to pray and ask you to pray as well for the City of Boaco and how we can partner there to see a Church planted there.


Starting in February, we will begin weekly visits to Cities and Communities along the Ruta Boaco-Siuna. We will do prayer walks and meet people in each city we visit. Our first visit is scheduled to go to the farthest city to the East end of our route, Siuna. It will be my(Billy) first visit to this city and the first time driving past Mulukuku on the Ruta Boaco-Siuna. We also have trips scheduled to Tierra Azul, Muy Muy and Matiquas. Please be in prayer for these cities and the people we encounter as we search for Persons of Peace and Pastor Training Students along the Ruta Boaco-Siuna. Pray for many persons to come to Christ as the Word of God is proclaimed as we go.

Rio Blanco Missionary Centre


Since the purchase of the property in 2015, God has provided for great progress in the construction of the Missionary Centre.


Casa de Rio

The Casa de Rio was constructed and housed two Missionary families and served as a location for church services and training. It currently houses International Missionaries Billy and Debbie Ray. While it is mostly finished, small improvements continue on a weekly basis. 

Open Projects

Guest Bedroom Furnishings- Funded in February

Soffit Completion

Carport Roof

Casa de Misionero

In November of 2017, the Casa de Misionero was finally complete enough to house our National Missionaries Pablo and Claudia Garcia. There are still many construction projects that need to be completed on the house in 2018 as God provides for the supplies and labor. One feature of the house is a large commercial kitchen for meal preparations for teams and students.

Open Projects

Floor Tiling Work: Mostly labor, mortar and grout.

Kitchen Ceiling

Living Room and Hall Ceiling

Main Bath Ceiling

Main Bath Shower Tiling

Main Bath Toilet and Furnishings

Kitchen Cabinets

Large Refrigerator

New Gas Stove

New Gas Griddle

Kitchen Prep Table

Kitchen Water Filtration System

Additional Kitchen Shelving Unit

Wall-mounted Fan

Interior Doors

Window Security Bars

Living Room Ceiling Fans and Lights

Exterior Paint

Solomon's Porch


This large porch that is attached to the Casa de Misionero was the first part of the house with a roof. While the two houses give our missionaries a place to live, this porch is where Church Services and Pastor Training Classes take place. It currently has a roof, walls, floor and electrical lighting in place. It is ready for finishing touches to take place as God provides.

Current Projects

Gable Enclosure: Funded and scheduled to be completed by 01/02/2018

Interior Stucco

Exterior Stucco

Interior Painting

Exterior Sealer and Paint

Window and Door Security Bars

Floor Tiling

Ceiling Fans

Bathroom Stucco

Bathroom Floor Tiling

Bathroom Shower Tiling

Bathroom Sink and Toilet

Water Bottle Cooler

Food Service Cabinets

Television and Wall Mount for Training Classes and Christian Movies

Stacking Plastic Chairs for Church Services

Missionary Centre Projects


With two Missionary families living at the Centre and the food preparations for teams and students we need to upgrade our water storage tank and water system to meet the water needs with the frequent water outages of city water. We hope to undertake this project in the next couple of months with our monthly support funds. We are about $250 a month short of our budget goal at this time but will go ahead with the water project work as soon as possible. We will install a new 2500 liter  water tank, pressure pump, chlorination system, and debris filtration as part of this project. Please pray for our water supply system upgrades.

Future Construction Projects

Two 8-Person Dormitories